Flexible web based platform for calculations and estimating

About it

Printheon is a web based platform for calculations. Within the system you can build even most complex calculations for any products or services. Very easily!

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Who is it meant for?

Printheon can use machine manufacturers, software vendors or print shops. It is perfect system for anybody in graphic industry. Be better than your competitors.

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Mobile version

Printheon is also supported by a mobile application because nowadays a lot of business is done out of the office. It enables the fastest calculation of manufacturing costs and product prices wherever you are.

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Machine manufacturers

For every printing or finishing machine it is possible to make an exact calculation scheme regarding the production process. Machine manufacturers can offer their customers support on how to get consistent and accurate calculations based on their machines.

Print shops

You can calculate production prices for different print technologies quick and easy. There are many calculation templates available, such as digital sheetfed, digital roll-to-roll, flexo roll-to-roll, sheetfed offset, wideformat promotional graphics and more. Also custom calculations are avaliable.

Software vendors

Printheon can be integrated to any application over web service providing exact calculations for any kind of products. All integrations are very easy because Printheon is made in Java language and he uses REST. Why should you developing by yourself?

Printheon security
  • App runs on multi-secure location
  • Data are spread over more servers
  • Authentication and authorization procedures are the same as used by huge bank systems and state departments
  • Data transfers are encrypted
  • Data is backed up constantly

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